is a bachelor’s level basic course for anyone interested in sustainable development and climate change. The principles of sustainable development are linked to the 1.5 degree climate target.

The course provides a solid information package on the concept of sustainable development and its ecological, social, economic and cultural dimensions, as well as the connections and tensions between them. The ethical perspective running through the course provides a basis for looking at sustainable development as a political and normative concept as well. The course also emphasizes the importance of agency as well as the different roles of the individual. The student is offered the opportunity to look at the sustainability of their own lifestyle from the perspective of individual choices, but on the other hand, sustainability and climate challenges are also presented as a structural and systemic problem.

Practical examples and case descriptions illustrate sustainability challenges and their possible solutions. Through the team work assignments, the students deepen their understanding of sustainability challenges and receive peer support from other students. Team work assignments teach the student collective and multidisciplinary knowledge formation as well as collaboration skills that are essential in solving sustainability challenges.

Course learning goals:

After completing the course,

1. the student knows sustainable development as a political and normative concept and recognizes its ecological, social, economic and cultural dimension and the connections and contradictions associated with them.

2. the student understands that sustainable development and related vicious problems, such as climate change, require multidisciplinary collaboration and problem-solving skills.

3. the student understands the importance of individual agency and global responsibility as well as the need for holistic transformation.

Course level: Bachelor

Pre-requisities: no pre-requisities

Scope: 3-5 ECTS

Available languages: FIN & ENG

Authors: Course is done in collaboration of University of Turku, LUT University, University of Oulu, University of Helsinki and University of Jyväskylä.

Where to study: You can study the course at the University of Helsinki (course code ATM378 for 5 cr and ATM385 for 2 cr), University of Oulu (course code 766381A), University of Turku (course code YH000040), LUT University (course code BH60A6800).

Link to study material: