Forests and climate change

How do forests affect climate? How do these effects differ between different forest management practices?

Course learning goals:

  • The student is familiar with various climate impacts of forests, including carbon sink, albedo effect, aerosol effect, and water-mediated effect.
  • After the course, the student is familiar with the real-life decisions and forest management practices done related to forests and their impact on climate.
  • The student knows how to critically examine public discussion on the roles of forests and forest management effects on climate change.
  • The student can reflect on different values related to forests.
  • The student can explain the linkages between forests, climate change, and biodiversity.

Course level: Bachelor/Master

Pre-requisities: No pre-requisities

Scope: 2 ECTS

Available languages: ENG

Authors: University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Natural Resources Institute Finland. The course has been produced by funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU instrument and the Research Council of Finland (grant 347782)

Where to study: University of Helsinki (course code ATM397)

Link to study material: *coming soon*