Project Description

What everyone needs to know about climate change? is a course on the basics of climate system, its change and effects of the change, how to mitigate and adapt to changing climate.

Course learning goals:

Having studied the course, the student can

  • look at climate change from many different perspectives and create connections between them as well as look for solutions to the climate challenge in a variety of ways.
  • reflect on his or her own role in climate change and apply what has been learned on the course to his or her field of study.
  • examine different perspectives, solutions, information sources and the current debate on climate change critically.

Course level: Bachelor

Pre-requisities: No pre-requisities

Scope: 2-5 ECTS

Available languages: FIN & ENG

Authors: University of Helsinki, LUT University, Aalto University and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The course has been produced by funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

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