What everyone needs to know about climate change? is a course on the basics of climate system, its change and effects of the change, how to mitigate and adapt to changing climate.

Course learning goals:

Having studied the course, the student can

  • look at climate change from many different perspectives and create connections between them as well as look for solutions to the climate challenge in a variety of ways.
  • reflect on his or her own role in climate change and apply what has been learned on the course to his or her field of study.
  • examine different perspectives, solutions, information sources and the current debate on climate change critically.

Course level: Bachelor

Pre-requisities: No pre-requisities

Scope: 2-5 ECTS

Available languages: FIN & ENG & SWE

Authors: University of Helsinki, LUT University, Aalto University and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The course has been produced by funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Where to study: Aalto University (course code PHYS-E0580), Häme University of Applied Sciences(course code KK00BW09), LUT University (course code BH60A5900 ja BH60A2601), Savonia University of Applied Sciences (course code JD00BA30-3001), Tampere University (course code FYS-3300), Turku University of Applied Sciences (course code TE00BT85), University of Eastern Finland (course code 3352703), University of Jyväskylä (course codes BENA4036 and CEMY5120), University of Helsinki (course code ATM302), University of Oulu (course code 766383A), and University of Turku (course code MAAN6570).

Link to study material: